Cafe Chain

The main idea behind the T-SPRINT CAFE project is to create a network of healthy food cafes under one brand and in one style. T-SPRINT CAFE offers a variety of healthy dishes balanced by the number of calories and energy value.

T-SPRINT CAFE is a cozy and comfortable place for family recreation, good for corporate or family events and children’s birthday parties. It features a modern design, self-service zone, catered zone and banquet hall.

In certain zones there are halls equipped with powerful ventilation systems for smoking visitors. If you want to have lunch or dinner with your friends or girlfriend in a pleasant atmosphere, the catered hall is at your service. The waiters will take your order immediately, and the specially invited chef will cook it for you.

T-SPRINT CAFE offers a choice of traditional homemade dishes of Ukrainian and European cuisine, about twenty kinds of pizza as well as sushi.

Free Wi-Fi Zone in every cafe of T-SPRINT CAFE chain!

The concept of T-SPRINT CAFE is “quick&casual”. It bridges the gap between fast food restaurants (quick service) and traditional cafes and restaurants (casual dining). By implementing the T-SPRINT CAFE project, TAVRIA V embodies the concept of “free flow”. This approach is aimed at people with different levels of income, who value their time and comfort.

T-SPRINT CAFE menu has been developed by company specialists. If includes more than 1000 kinds of healthy dishes, and 20% of them are lean.

Contact information:

+380 (48) 729-80-14
+380 (482) 307-399 (ext. 283)