Nowadays TAVRIA V is one of the most popular retail chains that operate in different regions of Ukraine. Consumer recognition is mainly attributed to the high level of service and the quality of services. Much attention is paid to the quality of the goods, the service level, the availability of supplementary free services, the atmosphere of comfort for visitors and the ease of the purchasing process.

TAVRIA V supermarket chain employs two kinds of retail outlets: shopping malls and small shops located in residential areas. The former are primarily aimed at clients who make purchases on a weekly basis, while the latter address the needs of clients who shop daily.

Such diversification allows to cover most of the retail market and promotes the growth of the market share. All outlets are located in densely populated areas, places with a significant flow of pedestrians and in transportation hubs which results in a steady supply of customers.

Shopping centers and supermarkets offer a wide range of non-food products as well. These goods include high-quality sports clothing and shoes for men, women and children, dishes, toys, stationery, car accessories and car care products, tools, photographic products, home appliances, furniture, etc. The share of non-food products is about 40%.

The selection of goods offered by the retail chain includes up to 30000 positions. The retail chain features an extensive choice of fruits and vegetables that meet the needs of Ukrainian residents.